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The Toyota Corolla has always been a simple car. From the very first Toyota Corolla model sold in the U.S., introduced in 1968, up to the latest Corolla offering, the design has always been conventional, although design specifics have definitely changed. But despite the simplicity, the Toyota Corolla has surprisingly sold well. With approximately 30 million models sold, the Toyota Corolla is undoubtedly the most popular and the best-selling vehicle nameplate in the automotive history.

So, what's the reason behind Toyota Corolla's popularity? The very first Toyota Corolla model in the U.S. was described as a car without any sophistication. But deprived of any sophistication, there was nothing that went wrong with the car. That's probably the secret of the Toyota Corolla. Designed simply, the Toyota Corolla has always been a reliable car. And if well taken care of, the car is meant to last for a lifetime.

With all the good characteristics of the car, its conventionality would probably be the least that you want from it. But you can always transform your Toyota Corolla from a simple car to a very stylish one; one that reflects your own style or personality or taste. While the entire process of customizing your Corolla may be costly and would definitely take time, you can start with the small and affordable installations that can really make a difference. One way is by installing stylish and elegant Toyota Corolla hubcaps.

A hubcap, center cap, rim cap, or wheel cover is a decorative disk installed on most vehicle wheels to cover the lug nuts that attach the wheel to its axle. Hubcaps are usually standard on vehicles with steel wheels as auto manufacturers often find it necessary to conceal the crude appearance of the wheels. Finely finished aluminum-alloy wheels or chrome wheels, however, do not need hubcaps.

Most Toyota Corolla models today, except maybe for the lower trim models, are equipped with alloy wheels and therefore would no longer need hubcaps for styling. Toyota Corollas in the past, however, were usually equipped with steel wheels. If you own one of these old vehicles, you can still definitely run them with ease (longevity is a virtue for Toyota Corollas). But you surely would be happy if they look more elegant and stylish than what they used to be. If so, installing custom Toyota Corolla hubcaps would certainly help a lot.

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