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Hydraulic Oil Guides

Guide to Getting the Right Hydraulic Oil

It's used in a variety of hydraulic systems: from aircraft flight controls to automobile brakes, we are dependent on it to help power our lives. In cars, hydraulic oil is usually used to power its power-steering assembly and braking system. Since an automobile's hydraulic system circulates the fluid in and out of a reservoir, the oil must be used over and over again. The question is: which type of oil is best suited for your vehicle? Let this guide help you understand and find the right hydraulic oil that will work for you.

It's in the Viscosity

Hydraulic units work in different environments and temperatures. Good hydraulic oil must be able to change viscosity as the temperature changes. Its viscosity must increase when the ambient temperature increases, while its viscosity should decrease when the temperature increases. Hydraulic oil should be thin enough to pass through inlets, filters, and pipes without too much resistance. It should not be too thin to avoid parts wearing out due to lack of lubrication. Fluids with a high viscosity index have a sufficient sealing effect and protection against parts wear. It lowers the operating cost, increases the operating life of machines, and prevents machine breakdown.

Components and Characteristics

Most hydraulic oils are made of chemical compounds like butanol, esters (DEHP, phthalates, adipated, silicones, corrosion inhibitors and polyalkylene glycols or PAG) Since we are now shifting to a more sustainable future, biodegradable hydraulic fluids are being used. These oils are extracted from rapeseed or Canola, and vegetable oil. Hydraulic oils must also have good anti-wear performance, resistance to oxidation, and good water separation. These components and characteristics prolong lubricant life and prevent wear of the internal components.

Always ask or research on the particular hydraulic oil that you need. Check your vehicle's service manual to know the type of oil recommended to keep your car running. Getting the right hydraulic oil for your car will either spell glory or disaster.

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