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The Ins and Outs of Buying Your Own LED Pod

An LED pod is an additional lighting appliance you could use with your vehicle (like UTVs, dirt bikes, tractors and farm equipment, combines, ATVs or any off-road vehicle) for the sake of providing additional clarity and improved trail visibility overall. Even on-road cars, trucks, and motorcycles can benefit from this type of general work light as a light source for additional driving visibility (especially when dealing with low-light conditions like a blizzard, heavy rain, or any other inclement weather situation).

Tips and Tricks

  1. Know What You're Going to Use the LED Pod For: On top of the vehicles above, you can make use of your LED pod to provide better lighting for mining equipment, golf carts, big rigs, police cars, rescue or fire department vehicles, ambulances, and boats. The more aware you are of what the LED pod is for, the more discerning you'll be when shopping for one. The great thing about these pods is you'll have fewer fitment concerns since they fit a wider array of automobiles.
  2. Understand the Features of Your Prospective LED Pods: Since this is a car or vehicular accessory rather than a replacement component, you probably don't have an LED pod on hand to compare it with. Having the right specs and research is therefore even more important now than ever before. You should look for good LED pods with 6 higher-power 3-watt LEDs for every single lamp for maximum floodlight action. Great LED pods should have a waterproof rate of IP 67 and above as well.
  3. Check the Specs When Shopping for LED Pods: You should get the right size of LED pods as well, like the 80 millimeter, 82 millimeter, or 87 millimeter variety. It's also highly recommended that you acquire a pod with 30,000 hours of operation life, 6,000 Kelvin color temperature, 10-30 voltage DC operating voltage, and a super-bright 1,800 lumens of brightness through a crystal-clear lens made of unbreakable, scratch-resistant acrylic glass (PMMA).
  4. Know the Different Types of LED Pods: There are many types of pods to choose from. The one you'll ultimately get will depend on your needs and what kind of vehicle you're driving. There are cubic LED pods with a mounting bracket and wire, twin dual floodlight LED pods with an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan, or pods with tough aluminum housing that's the best you can get for off-road driving.
  5. Compare the Pros and Cons of LED Pods: When trying out your LED pod, keep that 30-day money back guarantee handy and then have a test run of it. If it's difficult to put the brackets on and the lights have a diffused beam pattern that's dim, then return it, get your refund, and buy a better set of LEDs. There's more to pods than just a compact design, a nice look, and well-built construction. It should also work excellently as supplementary lights as well.

Other Things of Note

Always pay attention to the specs of the LED pod you're paying for so that you won't end up gypped by a bad deal. The specs don't lie and give you an objective quantifiable way of comparing different LED pods with each other. To avoid disappointment in getting a no-brand, blank-box LED pod that lack wires and connectors, you should pay attention to the reviews and specs like light intensity (it should at least have 1,800 lumens and PMMA lens material).

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