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Nissan Customer Reviews

Direct Fit Horn - High/Low Tone
May 19, 2020
Good sound
Works great - very loud
Donald Leslie
Purchased on Apr 30, 2020
Valve Cover
Apr 18, 2020
It fit perfectly!
Juan Ruiz
Purchased on Apr 01, 2020
Direct Fit Horn - High/Low Tone
Oct 01, 2019
Great horns for a vintage BMW!
They fit perfectly in my 1989 BMW E30, were easy to hook up both power and the ground, and sound great. The price was reasonable, and the service, email notifications, tracking, and shipping from APW was outstanding.
Kim VanDenBerg
Purchased on Oct 01, 2019

Nissan Guides


Behind every Nissan make is the company's vision to provide the best for all car users and enthusiasts from all parts of the world. Their guiding philosophy, "Love car, love people, love life" served as Nissan's inspiration to evolve the best car model that will satisfy all the needs and wants of the industry. Several changes and improvements were done in all Nissan parts for every generation make ever since the company's establishment in 1933. One of the highlights in the history of Nissan is the production of the first Nissan truck and Nissan truck parts followed hereafter by the prestigious Infiniti cars that brought impressive sales. All Nissan auto parts are reflection of bold design, innovative style and powerful performance further proven by impressive customer ratings and reviews.


Each Nissan part has indispensable role to perform to make the whole system work. Failure in the duty of one part affects the proper function and driving dynamics of the car itself. Parts for Nissan including those for specific Nissan makes such as Nissan Maxima parts, Nissan Pathfinder parts, Nissan Altima parts, Nissan Sentra parts, Nissan 300zx parts, Xterra parts and even used Nissan parts can be classified into groups depending on the purpose it is intended to be used. NIssan performance parts are meant to improve or enhance the car's driving dynamics although it can also be installed for added style and look.


Nissan body parts such as body kits are mounted on the car's body specifically as body styling accessories. The kits usually include spoilers or wings, ground effects, fender flares, body panel parts and skirts. Car body kits can make the vehicle stand out among the rest by creating a unique look that can speak up for the user's distinct style and choice. Ground effects kit gives a lowered ground look to the vehicle by decreasing the amount of air pressure under the vehicle thereby pushing the vehicle downward.

Spoilers or wings serve as performance parts for racing purposes but for ordinary street use, it can be installed for added sporty and hippy look. Aside from style it also gives greater road grip and acceleration. It is a great way to add speed without changing the vehicle's weight. However the right spoiler must be chosen depending on the vehicle's features or else instead of added speed it can make the vehicle sluggish. Another body styling accessory mounted on the side part of the vehicle is the simple yet stylish fender flare. Anyone dreaming of a muscular look can install it on their car. Products out in the market including items under Nissan brands usually come in fiberglass, plastic or urethane.


Closer Look at Nissan Automobiles

Datsun yesterday, Nissan today. The fourth largest company with combined holdings in the highly industrialized Japan during the 2nd World War, Nissan has seen so much success since its debut in the automotive world and is now the 3rd largest Japanese car manufacturer. It continuously pursues advancement and excellence and has even added Infiniti as its luxury line. Among the successful results of the company's great efforts are innovative Nissan parts, remarkable of which are the Nissan VQ engines that have been included in the prestigious Ward's 10 Best Engines for the past 14 straight years.Nissan auto parts have become the rule in street performance. However, the manufacturer did not end there but kept right on with further addition of trucks and, these days, smaller cars in its lineup. All Nissan truck parts have undergone extensive researches and real-life crash tests to ensure that these vehicles work well in whatever condition. And after proving its excellence in big vehicle classes, it then moved into small cars, the newest craze in the auto world today. And then again, new Nissan car parts were polished via high-standard engineering.Over the years, Nissan has become one of the main automobile makes in the industry. Its endless lines of vehicles and its introduction of more upgraded Nissan parts are just few proofs of these claims. And with its newest Nissan KIX and Nissan Murano Crossover SUV, together with more improved parts in the coming years, you can further enjoy the Nissan excellence.

Nissan: Excellence through the Years

There are so many automakers that originated from Japan, but only a handful of them have survived until this day. One vehicle manufacturer that still continues to produce world-class automobiles is Nissan. Since 1933, Nissan has built vehicles that different generations have trusted not only in Japan, but also all over the world.

Despite its humble beginnings, Nissan became one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world and what's even more impressive is that it has been doing it for more than seven decades. Nissan's ability to adapt and create innovations is its formula for success over the years.

Nissan Automobiles

As early as 1996, Nissan has already been involved in building fuel-cell vehicles in preparation for an industry that will rely heavily on alternative energy. Before that however, Nissan became a household name for building memorable vehicles such as the Datsun Fairlady 1500, the Z-Car, and the all-wheel drive called the GT-R.

In Japan, Nissan sells "kei" cars to cater to a growing number of Japanese customers who are looking for more compact and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Building Electric Vehicles

Recently, Nissan has focused on building electric vehicles as a response to the automotive industry's growing demand for vehicles that are no longer relying on fuel. A few years ago, the company launched its very first all-electric vehicle called the Nissan Leaf. This new vehicle is being built in a factory in Washington and Nissan vows to produce as many as 50,000 units a year.

Running on a lithium-ion battery that can be charged in a few years, the Nissan Leaf is expected to become as one of the most successful all-electric vehicles in the near future. The latest Nissan Leaf model has a maximum speed of 140 km/h and can last for 100 miles if fully charged. Because it runs exclusively on batteries, the Nissan Leaf will never release any emission to the environment.

Because Nissan is now involved in manufacturing the Nissan Leaf, the company is now trying to build a line of automotive products that won't pose as a threat to the environment. With its commitment to more environment-friendly vehicles, there is no doubt Nissan will remain competitive for a very long time.

Helpful Automotive Resources

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