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With the vehicle information entered, it still was not the correct part. Hopefully the return will go smoothly.
Purchased on Jul 13, 2014
Fit and work perfectly and the price was great!
Purchased on Jun 01, 2019

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In May of 1928, the same year when Chrysler also formed the DeSoto Motor Corporation, bought Dodge Brothers Corporation and Chrysler Sales Corporation, and while America was still recovering from the great depression experienced a decade ago, Chrysler decided to form another company with a name that resembles freedom, endurance, strength, and ruggedness. They decided the new company to be called Plymouth Motor Corporation.
Plymouth became Chrysler's division offering low priced vehicles. But their effort was not enough to raise the sales of the newly formed company. Although Model U, the first model released as a Plymouth generated some sales, it really got the aftermath of the great depression.


The thirties brought some hopes to the newly established Plymouth, with their release of their first station wagon in April of 1934 and the reentry in the commercial car market with better designs. Their line of truck looked much like the Dodge's PT50 mainly because it road on a Dodge PT50 chassis.
Although redesigns and resizing were made during the next years, Plymouth sales continued to drop sharply during the sixties as it failed to satisfy consumers' appetite for a car. Another reason could also be blamed to the failure of Plymouth to insert luxury features to their vehicle. But the main reason for that matter was the design itself plus the penetration of Dodge that certainly had better models to offer to the price range of on the Plymouth.


At one time, Plymouth regained its shameful dive. Thanks to the Plymouth Valiant and Plymouth Duster that were released in the early seventies. The momentum continued up to the later part of the period. Before acquisition by the Daimler-Benz AG, Chrysler did an effort to expand Plymouth to generate respectable market share with the release of the Plymouth Prowler. But other than the prowler, Plymouth did not have any model unique to the Dodge. Adding insult to injury, Plymouth dealers sold all Chrysler cars whereas most Dodge dealers sold only Dodge cars and therefore continuing the drop on sales of the Plymouth.
It did not take too long when DaimlerChrysler decided to drop the brand after decades of weak sales and design. Up to the end Plymouth remained a pathetic brand. The Plymouth Voyager and some Plymouth models were absorbed by Chrysler afterwards.


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Your Plymouth may be vintage, but it doesn't mean that you'll have difficulties finding topnotch Plymouth Restoration Parts on the market. The good news is that, while the actual auto brand may no longer be producing brand new automobiles, it's still supplying the market with OEM Vintage Plymouth Parts which you can use to restore your ride's original performance and even appearance. From body kits to auto system replacements, you can find great Plymouth Parts from hundreds of auto parts providers online. Solid and dependable like your actual ride, these OEM parts can guarantee that your vehicle will give you excellent performance for decades.Increase your Plymouth's resale or trade-in value and keep it looking and performing stellar like new, by using only the right components for your ride. To make sure you're purchasing the right Plymouth components for your vehicle, check your owner's manual for part-compatibility first.

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May 04, 2019
Ralph Reschke turns junkyard Plymouths into classicsReschke brought the hardtop back to Lawrence and began its restoration. With the exception of the interior, he did most of the work himself, and it required a lot of patience. For example, one of the stainless steel trim strips was badly damaged and a replacement was very hard to
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