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Plymouth Deluxe

Plymouth Deluxe Parts & Accessories

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Product Questions & Answers

Q:What size bolts do they fit?
A:BEST ANSWERHi Terry, I'm glad to assist you. since we do not carry the mounting bolts for these parts. We do not have that information readily available. Please check the size of the original bolts of the shocks on your car. You can also check with your trusted local auto repair shop for that if it is hard to get info from the dealer. I hope this helps. Show less
Jeonino E.
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Q:Is this cap okay to use with a sniper efi system?
A:BEST ANSWERHi Tom, I'm glad to assist you. Yes, it is compatible. Grab our lowest price offer and click the link below to order today. I hope this helps. Happy shopping. https://www.carparts.com/gas-cap/gates/gat31623?can=CPJE1043_20220515 Show less
Jeonino E.
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Shopping for Plymouth Deluxe Parts

The Plymouth Deluxe was a product of an odd marketing strategy by Chrysler. It was meant to be entry-level affordable but boasted of features far beyond what any in the competition could offerhydraulic brakes being one of them. The Deluxe enjoyed only a short four-year production run, but those were four truly amazing years! You see, unlike most cars that came out of the era, the Deluxe had a far more solid, sculpted appearance that made it seem more sculpture than automobileit was curvaceous and had not a sharp line across its entire length. Even today, nearly 60 year later, it still looks the part of a dignified, classy ridecoming back to life on the roadways of America.

Of the models and variants that came out, the 1949 Plymouth Deluxe was perhaps one of the most popularit was a convertible. There was something about the combination of a canvas, removable roof and the sleek styling of the body that made this Deluxe standout. On moment it was buttoned down and formal enough to take to a classy gatheringthe next, it was top down and carefree enough to glide with childish glee down the interstate. It seemed to be able to be all things to everyone all at oncenever settling on a single niche. In that way, the '49 Deluxe stayed fresh and excitingeven to this day!

In the automotive industry, oldies but goodies like the Plymouth Deluxe get a new lease on like with quality parts and accessories that make the rounds in online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops across America. Whether it is 1947, 1948, 1949 Plymouth Deluxe parts you're looking for, there's a dedicated enough fan base to keep manufacturers churning out part after part. You can refurbish and replace any and all components: from the mechanical and electrical parts in your engine, to the climate control elements, and even "smaller" parts like gas caps, antennas, and wiper bladesthey're out there just waiting for the smart Plymouth Deluxe owner to pounce on them!

Helpful Automotive Resources

Ralph Reschke turns junkyard Plymouths into classics
Ralph Reschke turns junkyard Plymouths into classicsReschkes love for the 55 Plymouth started when he was a kid in Sabetha, Kan. He bought a 1955 Belvedere when he was farming with his dad one year after graduating from high school. That car left such a memory that he has re-created it.