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Common Causes of a Volkswagen Eurovan Power Steering Pump Failure

Your Volkswagen Eurovan is equipped with a power steering pump to ensure smooth turns. This part allows you to steer your vehicle with ease, which ultimately provides you a stress-free driving experience. Your vehicle can still operate even if the power steering pump fails, though. It would not cause major damages, but you would definitely find it difficult to turn your steering wheel. Driving would be quite an inconvenience. Problems would start to appear. And when they do, make sure you know what to do with them. Here are the common Volkswagen Eurovan power steering pump problems, their causes, and how you can troubleshoot them:


Noise is one common indication of a bad power steering pump, which can be caused by defective components or parts closely connected to it. When it sounds like a loud moan or whine, you might want to check the pump bushing or input shaft for damages. If you hear a clicking or rattling sound, the pump vane might be broken. A swishing or hissing sound could mean a low level of power steering fluid. You can simply add a sufficient amount of fluid to solve this problem. Be careful not to overfill, so greater damages can be prevented. A growling noise could be a sign of a blockage inside the pump. Lastly, when you notice a squealing sound once you open the hood and start the engine, see if the tension on the serpentine belt is just right.

Steering wheel problems

You can feel a shudder in the steering wheel during stationary steering maneuver or low-speed steering maneuver. This vibration could be a result of engine speed variation, which causes a variation in the flow on the power steering pump as well.

When you find it difficult to turn the wheel and you feel like you're exerting more effort, it could be because the power steering pump is not transporting the required amount of pressure. You can do a pressure test on the fluid to verify the problem. Unhook the pressure line from the pump and put the pressure gauge between the pressure line and the pump. The pressure reading should coincide with the suggested pressure difference of a Volkswagen Eurovan.

This problem could also be caused by an insufficient level of fluid. Refill the pump if this is the case.

Volkswagen Eurovan Power Steering Pump: How to Keep It Pumpin'

Driving your Volkswagen Eurovan is fun and convenient. Thanks to its power steering pump, making turns is smooth and easy. It functions by pushing the power steering fluid into the steering gear, which helps in turning the wheels of a vehicle. Clearly, without a properly functioning power steering pump, driving around and steering your van would feel stiff and problematic. To ensure that your power steering pump won't fail you in the middle of your road trip, take note of these tips:Regularly check the power steering fluid.

  • Impurities
  • Dirt substances, which are formed by metal rusts, tend to build up in the power steering fluid. Gradually, they start to clog the power steering pump and cause the system to corrode more quickly. You should change the power steering fluid before these impurities damage the power steering pump. To know when the power steering fluid needs to be changed, check the color of the steering fluid. A transparent quality or an orange, red, or pink color usually indicates a clean power steering fluid. A contaminated power steering fluid, on the other hand, is brown, black, or completely dark.
  • Fluid level
  • Make sure that the power steering fluid is at an adequate level. A significant drop in its level may mean a leak in the power steering pump, and it can cause a howling noise when turning the steering wheel. You can add fluid by yourself, but be sure to use the recommended fluid for your Eurovan and to pour in just the right amount. Overfilling can result to huge damage.
Inspect the power steering pump belt.The condition of this component is also important in the maintenance of your power steering pump. It serves as a path where the engine power runs through to reach the power steering pump itself. So when it goes bad, it somehow paralyzes the power steering pump. Check for cracks on the inside surface of the belt at least once a month. If there are cracks, have it replaced at once. Although a vehicle can still operate without the power steering pump belt, it is still not advisable to uninstall it completely.

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