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Fits and works perfectly. Thanks!
Damian Mckeon
Purchased on May 03, 2020
Direct Fit Horn - Tone
May 19, 2020
Good sound
Works great - very loud
Donald Leslie
Purchased on Apr 30, 2020
The horns fit perfectly and work well
Kaplan Gann
Purchased on Apr 15, 2020

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Volkswagen is Europe's largest automobile manufacturer today. It boasts of simple design and quality Volkswagen parts that make up their vehicles, absolute performance and reliability.

Literally, the "volkswagen" means "people's car". And truly, Volkswagen models and vehicle platforms are made to fit the lifestyle of an average person. With models such as Air Cooled Beetles, Cabriolets, Corrados, Golfs, Jetta, Passats, Polos, Quantum Syncros and Sciroccos; Volkswagen has catered to svaried groups with different needs but generally average all the same.


This simple but outstanding vehicle, just like any other vehicle in the market, is made up of different parts that function simultaneously. These parts, which include bigger pieces like engines, hoods, bumpers, doors, windows, transmissions, etc, are unique for they are created especially for Volkswagen to compliment its features and performance. Should you need to replace any part of your Volkswagen, there's nothing to worry about because there are lost of manufacturers and dealers that offer top quality parts for your needs. The market in whole offers many types and kinds of Volkswagen Parts for more varied options. Parts may be classified as replacement parts, OEM parts, aftermarket parts, performance parts, factory parts or used parts.

If you are simply replacing damaged parts, you can rely on replacement parts or OEM parts. You can also use aftermarket parts. These parts are intended to fit your Volkswagen in different platforms, model trims and model years. And if you're enhancing features and restyling your Volkswagen, you can try performance replacement parts. These parts are usually intended to upgrade your vehicles performance while making them more beautiful


and appealing. However, should you need to really replace your Volkswagen parts but cannot afford the cost of brand new types of parts; you can resort to used parts. These parts are also durable but will cost you less.
The market offers many kinds of parts and there are wide selection waiting for you. You can have Volkswagen Auto parts, body parts, restoration parts for your old ones and body parts depending on your purpose. You can have parts in different sizes, colors, designs, makes and finishes. Know your Volkswagen specifications to ensure that you'll get parts that can fit it. You can try asking for advice from your dealers or browse the Net for further information.


Closer Look at Volkswagen Automobiles

If you trace back the history of Volkswagen (VW), you'll get an idea how its concept was developed. Its name is a German word that means 'people's car,' and its tagline, 'out of love for the car,' will tell you that Volkswagen vehicles are manufactured out of their creator's great affection for automobiles. This motivating spirit is behind the strong character of all VW rides, with each featuring all the Volkswagen parts and features auto enthusiasts love.Out of their affection for vehicles and their understanding of vehicle enthusiasts like you, Volkswagen makers ensure that you get performance and safety hand in hand. In fact, aside from being equipped with high-performance engines, some of the Volkswagen models were awarded the best grade of 'top safety pick' in the recent publication of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These models were the Jetta, Golf, Passat, and the Eos, each leading in its respective category. With this latest Volkswagen success, you can be assured of the excellence of Volkswagen engineering. This is also one proof that original Volkswagen auto parts are the best in terms of reliability.So if you drive a VW model and the time comes when you need to replace some of its stock Volkswagen parts, don't experiment on just about any aftermarket replacement. From classic Volkswagen Beetle parts to components of more modern models, trust only those from reliable providers.

Discover More About Volkswagen

For approximately 80 years now, Volkswagen has been manufacturing vehicles for young people, for senior citizens, for bachelors, for bachelorettes, for yuppies, for the blue collar guys, for families, and everything else in between. Basically, the brand manufactures vehicles for all kinds of people. That isn't surprising since the German automaker's brand name translates to "people's car" in English, after all.

While it's one of the most prominent automakers today, Volkswagen didn't exactly start out big. In fact, the company struggled during its earlier years as it had to go up against established German automakers that focused on building luxury automobiles. The brand saw an opportunity here though since the average German couldn't afford any of the models offered by luxury brands. The "people's car" brand did exactly what its namesake stands formake and sell quality cars that are accessible to the people. Opportunity did indeed knock, but that doesn't mean that it was all butterflies and rainbows for the brand since then. The company naturally encountered a lot of difficulties, especially during the post-war era (being a German brand certainly didn't help matters then). But with hard work, perseverance, and a couple of excellent models, it was able to establish itself as one of the giants in the automotive industry.

Volkswagen has produced numerous models throughout the years. As said above, the "people's car" brand manufactured automobiles for practically everybody. For the young ones, the Beetle, one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, is always an appealing choice. Guys looking for something vintage or something versatile can go for the old Type 2 model (older variants are popularly known as the "hippie" van). The Phaeton is perfect for those who are looking for a vehicle that's rather formal. Families can go for the practical Golf model (which is composed of the usual small family car parts). Regardless of the "Volks" you drive, you can rest assured that it'd serve you well.

Volkswagen's Strength through Joy

The Beetle or the "People's Car" was created to address the trends and social conditions of the late 1930's. At that time, the Beetle was the first automobile to be designed with the aid of a wind tunnel and it was powered by an air-cooled, flat-four, rear-mounted engine. Because of the Beetle, Volkswagen gained a reputation for building high quality and innovative cars. It continues to develop mobility to match the challenges of tomorrow. From more powerful engines to a more comfortable travel, Volkswagen's goal is to bring a more eco-friendly technologies to shape the future.

DSG: Direct-Shift Gearbox

Working as one unit, the direct-shift gearbox is two separate manual gearboxes and clutches enclosed in a unit. The DSG has faster shift times by using two independent clutches and, the driving power isn't interrupted. This type of drive technology offers the comfort and convenience of an automatic transmission, with the fuel efficiency and sporty feel of a manual gearbox.

TSI: Turbo Stratified Injection

Volkswagen designed this engine which combines a turbocharger and a supercharger to produce 170 bhp (brake horsepower) and consumes 7.2 liter/100 kilometers. The TSI has high torque from low revs, a lot of pulling power, and has low fuel consumption. Pair with the direct-shift gearbox; it satisfies by maximizing driving experience.

ESP: Electronic Stabilization Program

This technological milestone was developed by Volkswagen to detect critical driving situations at its early stages. The ESP is linked to the EDL (electronic differential lock), EBC (engine brake control), and ABS (anti-lock braking system). It uses sensors to monitor the vehicle's wheels as they start to slip. The ESP reduces the engine's power and engages the brakes to one or more wheels to regain control of the vehicle before the wheels lose their grip.

Driver Assistance Systems:

Volkswagen is developing driver assistance systems to achieve an accident-free driving experience. Some of these driver assistance systems are: the Automatic Distance Control (ACC), Proactive Occupant Protection System, and the Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system. They all work together with the ESP to detect critical situations that are potential accidents. It makes a driver's task more comfortable and convenient.

Volkswagen gets its strength from the joy it brings to each of their customers. It will continue to research innovative and sustainable technologies to keep up with the times and help develop affordable mobility for the future.

Volkswagen Goes Up with the Up!

The Beetle is a car that endured time because of its craftsmanship and technology. Volkswagen's engineers once again put their ideas into motion to make our lives better, enjoyable, and more practical with the Up! It's designed to be a city specialist, family car, and weekend getaway vehicle. The VW Up features intuitive functionality, clear lines, and innovative technology that is set to move the next generation of car enthusiasts.

Small is the New Big

Measuring 3,540mm long, 1,640mm wide, and 1480mm high, the Volkswagen Up's interior is spacious enough to rival any larger vehicle. It also offers a 251-liter luggage space that can be extended to 951 liters of additional space. With its adjustable passenger seats, the Up offers maximum space and convenience, when you need it.

Powered for the Urban Jungle

Weighing just less than 850 kilograms, the Up can maneuver through the gnarly urban traffic with ease. Powered by a 12-valve straight-three engine, it only consumes 4.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers and emits only 105 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Its 5-speed manual transmission is fast and responsive, making it a perfect vehicle for the urban commuter.

Small but Safe

The Volkswagen Up's high-strength steel chassis construct gives the passengers a feeling of security. Front and side airbags for the driver and passengers offer all-around protection. Child seats can be secures with ISOFIX brackets integrated in the back seat. The Up also has ESP, ABS and a CV sensor which automatically activates the brakes to prevent a collision.

The Volkswagen Up remains true to the Beetle's legacy of being a simple, yet fun car to drive. It can virtually fit into any parking space and it very fuel efficient. It goes to show that small things can bring a smile on your face.

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