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A couple of decades ago, automakers targeted Baby Boomers with their slogans on how a vehicle is a luxury that no man or woman can do without. These days, car adverts are no longer geared towards the Baby Boomers alone. Auto brands like Scion are now focusing on Generation Y consumers to improve their car sales. Nowadays, it's no longer simply about car reliability, it's also about convenient and innovative car accessories'which you'll find in Scion vehicles and aftermarket Scion Parts.Whether you're driving the Scion TC, Scion XB, or the Scion XD, you can be sure that your ultra-modern ride can provide you with all the comforts that automotive technology can bring to the plate. Through the company's straightforward 'Pure Price' marketing strategy, you can avail of a new Scion vehicle model or even a set of Scion Parts at the exact price indicated on advertisements and billboards. It's straight-to-the-point, no-frills, and no-fuss buying at its finest. From performance to aftermarket parts, the auto brand gives you the perfect replacement components for any damaged unit you'll find in your vehicle. Each part is also custom-sized to give your ride the exact fit it needs for optimum part dependability.Trust only the brand that understands you car's needs best. For replacement auto components for your Scion vehicle, use only genuine Scion aftermarket parts. We at Family Car offer some of the best mechanical and electrical parts from Scion. Check out our catalogs for more info on our product selection.

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2005 Scion tC Road Test
May 04, 2019
2005 Scion tC Road TestWhile I enjoyed working on that old car, I didn’t enjoy getting stranded when it decided to show me who was boss. That is why as soon as I could afford it, I sprung for my first new car. It was a 1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar I (the journalists of the
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