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Keeping Body Roll at Bay: A Guide to Troubleshooting Your Dodge Durango Sway Bar Link Kit

Making sharp turns on your Dodge Durango requires a certain level of stability to prevent road accidents and serious injuries. But cornering would be a breeze if you have a complete Dodge Durango sway bar link kit handy. Together with the sway bar, this link allows your Dodge to make sharp turns without flipping over and becoming an instant road hazard. Over time, the sway bar link may wear out and break, causing poor handling and increased body roll. A broken or bent sway bar link may also cause the sway bar itself to become detached from the vehicle's suspension, resulting in even more problems when cornering. If you think your sway bar link is damaged or broken, it would be best to do some troubleshooting to get to the root of the problem quickly. Here's a quick troubleshooting guide to help you out:

Clunking, squeaking, and clicking

If you hear any of these unusual noises, then it's a sign that your sway bar link is badly damaged. Since the link is broken, the detached sway bar will most likely swing around and knock against your vehicle. This excessive sway bar movement creates clunking and clicking noises that can be heard especially when cornering and going over bumps. A missing or damaged sway bar link bushing will also cause rattling noises, so do a visual inspection of the bushings first before buying a new Dodge Durango sway bar link kit.

Poor handling

A broken sway bar link will cause poor handling and excessive body roll, resulting in decreased ride quality. To test the sway bar link, observe your vehicle's handling when making turns or cornering. If the handling feels a bit twitchy, then a broken or bent sway bar link is most likely the culprit. Unpredictable or poor handling is often an early warning sign that the sway bar link is already worn out. Check the sway bar if it is still properly connected to your vehicle's chassis. A damaged link should be immediately replaced to avoid problems when cornering.

Quick and Easy Tips in Keeping Your Dodge Durango Sway Bar Link Kit in Good Condition

Sway bar links counter excessive body roll and promote good vehicle handling, so keeping them in tiptop shape is a must for every Dodge Durango owner. Unless you want your prized vehicle to flip over and cause a major road accident, you need to practice routine maintenance on the sway bar links. A little effort goes a long way when maintaining the good condition of your Dodge Durango sway bar link kit, so it won't hurt to take some time off every now and then to clean and lubricate the links and bushings. Practicing proper maintenance will not only prolong the life of your sway bar link, but it will also save you from staggering repair costs and expensive mechanic fees. Plus, you'll also enjoy better ride quality in the long run. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your Dodge Durango sway bar link kit in optimum shape:

  • Replace worn-out bushings.
  • Sometimes, the problem may not lie in the sway bar link itself but in the bushing attached to its end. A sway bar link will become more prone to damage and breakage if the bushings are worn out, as they are crucial in keeping the link bolted to your vehicle's suspension. To test the center and end bushings, drive your vehicle around a corner or go over a rough terrain following a straight path. A sway bar link with damaged, torn, or missing bushings will move excessively and create clunking or rattling noises that can be heard from the front or rear of the vehicle. If you hear these noises, it's time to get a new set of sway bar link bushings. A visual inspection on the end links and center part of the sway bar will also help you see any damage on the bushings.
  • Regularly clean and lubricate the sway bar link and bushings.
  • The bushings, brackets, sway bar, and link must be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt buildup and ensure optimum performance. Apply moly or lithium grease on the bushings to prevent them from squeaking. Pure silicone ignition grease is a good choice, especially if you have rubber bushings. This grease will lubricate the bushings without damaging the rubber material.

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