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There is a never-ending list of aftermarket accessories available for your Honda Prelude, but if enhancing your vehicle's style and improving its performance is your concern, then nothing would beat custom Honda Prelude wheels (of course with the corresponding set of tires). The stock wheels of your Honda Prelude should already be gorgeous, but the coupe can look even more stylish with custom wheels. And aside from giving your car a different look, custom wheels can also affect its performance. But whether it will affect your car's performance positively or negatively all depends on the type of wheels you choose.

The wheels, or the rims, are the round metal rings upon which the tires of the vehicle rides. There are many types of wheels and each of them comes in a variety of styles, materials, finishes and sizes. Today, most vehicles are equipped with aluminum-alloy wheels, except for heavy duty trucks and economy cars which continue to use steel wheels. These wheels may also come bare, painted, clear coated, polished or chromed.

Now, stock Honda Prelude wheels are already elegant by themselves. Replacing them with stylish custom wheels, however, can give your Prelude a more personal touch, making it look distinctive even when parked with other Honda Prelude models. Larger-than-stock wheel and tire packages can even improve the mileage of your car while making it look more muscular and aggressive. Great care, though, must be taken in selecting larger-than-stock wheel and tire packages, because some packages may worsen the performance of your vehicle rather than improve them.

So, how can you avoid getting wheels that can affect the performance of your Honda Prelude negatively? Just as you would do in purchasing other components for your car, always check for the quality and ask for any performance rating. Also, avoid very large and heavy wheels; especially that you would use them on a compact coupe like the Honda Prelude (very large and heavy wheels can affect negatively the handling and acceleration of your car). Finally, purchase your wheels only from a company with a good track record, for only these companies can give you what your car really needs.

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