2022 Ford Bronco Production Rumored to Begin Soon

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Something good might be on the way for fans of the returning Ford Bronco SUV.

A leaked document was recently shared on the Bronco6G forum claiming that the off-roader could begin production on March 22.

Ford remains mum about the leaked production date and wouldn’t confirm the reports. But it is consistent with earlier announcements from the automaker regarding a spring 2021 production start.

side shot of 2021 ford bronco
If the supposed timeline turns out to be true, the new Bronco SUV is only about four months away from reaching the streets in America. | Source: Ford

Aside from the unconfirmed production date, the document also includes two more dates believed to be significant for Bronco dealers. One is December 7, when dealers can reportedly begin placing orders as part of the company’s initial order acceptance process. The other date is January 14, which is when the Blue Oval is believed to start scheduling all orders from its dealer network.

One important date is missing, though. The leaked document did not mention anything as to when confirmed reservations will be converted into actual orders. Previously, there were reports claiming it could happen in January, but there is no confirmation at the moment.

If this timeline turns out to be true, it means the new Bronco SUV is only about four months away from reaching the streets in America.

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