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A control arm is a part of the suspension that connects a knuckle or wheel flange to the vehicle frame or body and provides the necessary structural support for the suspension system. It also allows the wheels to move up and down when needed.

However, over time, the control arm may wear out and cause drivability issues. Consider a control arm replacement to restore your car’s ride quality and smooth handling immediately.

Car Suspension System With Control Arm
A control arm is a metal component that’s part of the suspension system that connects the wheel hub to the frame.

Need high-quality replacement control arms for your vehicle? Check out TrueDrive® control arms. Designed with longevity and consumer safety in mind, TrueDrive® parts promise an uncompromised fit, finish, and level of quality. TrueDrive® is the true choice for aftermarket suspension and ride control, keeping your vehicle strong and steady on the road so you can drive with confidence, no matter where the road takes you.

6 Best Control Arm Brands

Restore your vehicle’s excellent performance and smooth handling by replacing the damaged control arm with a new one. To help you choose the right one, we’ve listed six top-rated brands known for producing durable, high-quality control arms below.

  • TrueDrive®
  • Dorman®
  • Moog®
  • Mevotech Supreme Series®
  • Crown®
  • Motorcraft®


TrueDrive control arms
TrueDrive control arms are affordable yet durable, making them one of the best choices on the market.

TrueDrive control arms are affordable yet durable, making them one of the best choices on the market. All TrueDrive products come from the same top-tier factories used by major manufacturers. At the same time, brick-and-mortar supply chains are cut out to deliver a lower cost.

Another perk is that TrueDrive control arms offer a guaranteed perfect fit right out of the box. Every component is manufactured to strict ISO 9001 / TS 16949 / OEM / OES production standards to ensure a long, reliable service life.

TrueDrive control arms feature bushings made from premium materials that eliminate noise. Meanwhile, the metal portion of the arm features a proprietary rust-inhibitive coating that defends against dirt, salt, and other contaminants.

Key Features:

  • Robust design process ensures smooth, comfortable operation 100% of the time
  • Bushings made from premium materials eliminate noise
  • Proprietary rust-inhibitive coating defends against dirt, salt, and other contaminants
  • State-of-the-art metal forging process guarantees an ultra-tough product
  • Manufactured to strict ISO 9001 / TS 16949 / OEM / OES production standards

Our Score: 10/10

Dorman Control Arms

Dorman is one of the pioneers in the automotive aftermarket. Known for its innovative and customer-first mindset, it’s no wonder it has remained a trusted brand for vehicle owners.

Dorman offers high-quality vehicle parts and accessories, including industry-approved replacement control arms. Their replacement control arms are sturdy pieces that fit right into your vehicle’s suspension system.

Designed for optimum performance, these parts are built to last the life of your vehicle.

Dorman 521 936 Control Arm Front 1
Dorman’s OE replacement control arms are engineered to resist corrosion.

Key Features:

  • Dorman control arms are either made of steel or aluminum
  • Non-adjustable and come in casting or forged designs
  • Comes with replacement ball joints and bushings for a guaranteed fit
  • Pressed-in attachment and threaded ball joint stud types also available
  • Lifetime Dorman limited warranty

Our Score: 9/10

Moog Control Arms

Our list would not be complete without Moog control arms. Moog is one of the most widely recognized suspension parts manufacturers in the automotive industry. It is well-known for its innovative suspension accessories, problem-solving parts, and reliable components.

Moog control arms are built to withstand harsh conditions and harmful elements to ensure optimum performance. All products go through stringent quality control to ensure their safety.

Moog control arms are also pre-assembled and easy to install.

Moog RK640176 Control Arm 2
Moog control arms are built to withstand harsh conditions and harmful elements to ensure optimum performance.

Key Features:

  • Built with precise OE-style geometry for the right fit and alignment
  • Innovatively designed with forged aluminum, forged steel, or stamped steel for optimum performance
  • Greasable or non-greasable (depending on the configuration)
  • Some products are pre-assembled with bushings and ball joints for easy installation
  • 3-year Moog limited warranty

Our Score: 9/10

Mevotech Supreme Series Control Arms

Mevotech manufactures durable, state-of-the-art control arm kits, bushings, ball joints, and tie rod end replacements. As one of the leading brands in the automotive industry, Mevotech guarantees superior durability for all of its parts and accessories.

The Mevotech Supreme series offers great options for vehicles with several years of remaining drivability. These control arms are built for daily drivers and are designed to withstand harsh driving conditions.

Mevotech CMS101132 Control Arm
Mevotech’s Supreme control arms are built to OE standards and rigorously tested to deliver dependable performance even under the most extreme driving conditions.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured to meet OE specifications
  • Made of cast aluminum and steel for durability
  • Non-adjustable and greasable or non-greasable (depending on the configuration) 
  • Some pieces are pre-assembled with ball joints and bushings
  • Lifetime Mevotech limited warranty

Our Score: 8/10

Crown Control Arms

Next on our list of brands that offer the best control arms is Crown, which has an extensive line of replacement suspension and transmission parts. Crown control arms offer superior reliability and performance.

From the arm to the ball joints and bushings, each part is manufactured according to OEM standards and are made to provide a guaranteed fit.

Crown Control Arm
Crown is one of the most popular brands when it comes to high quality OEM replacement parts.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable or non-adjustable
  • Some come with included bushings, ball joints, or both
  • Constructed with steel or aluminum and fitted with rubber bushings
  • Heavy-duty but easy to install
  • 1-year or 12,000-mile Crown limited warranty

Our Score: 9/10

Motorcraft Control Arms

Motorcraft is known for its wide array of automotive parts, such as fuel pumps, lubricants, and suspension system accessories. As Ford’s official parts manufacturer, Motorcraft produces control arms that offer a guaranteed fit and superior durability.

Motorcraft’s control arms are built to last, with sleek finishing and heavy-duty composition. These control arms are designed to withstand extreme driving conditions and heavy loads.

Motorcraft Control Arm
Trusted throughout the industry, Motorcraft’s OE replacement control arms are produced and evaluated to exceptional standards.

Key Features:

  • Made of steel to ensure maximum performance and durability
  • Guarantees exact, vehicle-specific fit and functionality
  • Most are non-greasable and non-adjustable
  • Some are pre-assembled with ball joints, bushings, or both
  • 2-year or unlimited-mile Motorcraft limited warranty

Our Score: 8/10

Our Recommendation

We recommend TrueDrive® control arms because they are as durable as other products on our list and they are affordable. Installation is easy because these control arms offer guaranteed fit right out of the box. Other key features such as bushings made from premium materials and the control arms’ proprietary rust-inhibitive coating make these replacement parts a great choice for you.

What to Consider When Looking for a Replacement Control Arm

Choosing a replacement control arm can be difficult due to the variety of options available. Simply knowing which brands to consider may not be enough. To help you arrive at a decision, here are some factors you need to keep in mind when in the market for a new control arm.


It’s important to select a control arm that’s designed to fit your vehicle. Before shopping for a replacement, make sure you know the year, make, and model of your vehicle. You may also need additional details, such as whether your car is four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive.

Having all of that information handy will help you select the right part for your application.


The cost of a control arm replacement varies depending on its brand and intended location. It is usually sold individually, but it can also be bought in sets or as part of a kit.

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