7 Reasons Why Your Car AC Unit Isn’t Keeping You Cool this Summer

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One of the best things about summer is that the weather is perfect for road trips, be it with family or friends. It’s a totally different story though when extreme summer heat kicks in and you find out that your car is not blowing cold air. High temperatures will not only make the trip uncomfortable for you and your passengers, your health could actually suffer if it gets too hot inside the car.

So before you hit the road, check if your air conditioning system is working or not. If it isn’t, here are possible reasons why the car A/C is blowing hot air:

Driving with a broken AC in summer is not only uncomfortable, the high temperatures could actually have a negative impact on your health.

Don’t let a broken AC ruin an otherwise fun and relaxing summer vacation. Have a professional mechanic check your vehicle if you’re beginning to experience some of the problems mentioned above. Road trips can be awesome but nobody wants to drive or ride a toaster!

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