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Time and again Kia has proven its ability to produce vehicles that can hold ground against automotive leaders in the United States. It has built a world-class sports sedan in the form of the Stinger as well as an award-winning crossover like the Telluride.

But often, the brand comes across potential customers interested in its models only to change their minds because of the logo.

To this, Kia finally has an answer.

new kia logo on car
Future Kia EVs will be “more dynamic, stylish, and inventive,” CEO said. | Source: CarBuzz

After filing trademark applications earlier this year to replace its current logo, the South Korean automaker is making the final preparations to reveal a new one to the public soon.

In an interview with Automotive News, Kia’s Global CEO Ho Sung Song shared that the new emblem will play a significant part in the company’s “Plan S” strategy. The “S” reportedly pertains to Kia’s “shift” towards electrification. Based on earlier reports, the automaker is planning to release 11 new EV models by 2025, including an electrified version of the 2021 Kia Seltos.

According to Song, the future EVs will be “more dynamic, stylish, and inventive” than the models currently part of Kia’s portfolio.

“We will try to set up our new customer target together with our brand relaunch,” he said.

Kia’s brand new logo has an italicized look instead of the plain font used presently in Kia models. It was first shown on the Kia Imagine Concept car, but is likely going to be formally revealed on a production car in 2021, right when Kia launches its “Plan S.”

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