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Don’t know what to get your loved one this year? Nothing says, “I love you,” like going out of your way to fix up their car.

While the holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, they’re also notorious for being the most stressful. The last thing that someone in your life wants to deal with is getting their ride ready for winter. Surprise them and make their holidays a little less hectic by clearing off their maintenance to-do list, or treat them (and yourself!) to some automotive goodies.

Need to get your orders by December 25th? Make sure you place them in time! Here are’s holiday shipping deadlines:

And here are 12 gift ideas that special someone will love more than another tie or mug (or a pear tree along with a flock of birds and random people coming at them over a two-week period):

1. Windshield Wipers and Blades

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Does your loved one have a streaky windshield? Get them a fresh set of wiper blades for safer, improved visibility. If your loved one lives in or likes to venture into extreme climates, consider getting them winter duty wipers, which have a beefier build with a rubber boot to prevent clocking and protect against snow and ice build-up.

2. Lighting

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Nights grow longer during the winter, so changing your loved one’s lights (e.g., headlights, tail lights, etc.) can help them stay safe and comfortable while driving in the dark.

3. Brakes

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Make sure your loved one’s brake system (including brake discs, brake pads, brake calipers, and/or brake drums) is top-notch to help them stop for whatever the season brings, like animals crossing the road, traffic accidents, and bad weather. Don’t know what kind to get or what components go best together? Full-package solutions like brake disc and pad kits and brake disc and caliper kits take out the guesswork!

4. Heater Core

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

A leaking or previously bypassed heater core can leave your loved one out in the cold all winter long. Don’t let this happen! Take care of it for them.

5. Floor Mats

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

A set of quality all-weather floor mats will keep your loved one’s interior clean as can be from the snow, mud, and salt of winter.

6. Seat Covers

, 12 Last-Minute Gift IdeasHave your loved one’s seats taken a beating from messy kids, shedding pets, or outdoor gear? Seat covers can offer premium defense against life’s messes and help restore the look of their interior.

7. Tonneau Cover

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

As the weather outside gets frightful, make sure your loved one secures and protects anything in the bed of their truck with a new tonneau cover. In many states, if you have a truck bed full of snow after a storm and it flies out of the bed, you can get a ticket. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tonneau cover for your own truck, it could quickly pay for itself!

8. Auto Body Parts

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Don’t let your loved one drive around with that dented fender, crushed bumper, or rusty quarter panel. Replace it now and make your loved one’s car look good as new again.

9. Side Mirrors

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Is your loved one’s side mirror broken or hanging off? Not only is that an eyesore, but it’s a driving hazard—and magnet for ticket-writing officers—as well. Your loved one’s bound to appreciate a replacement.

10. Suspension Parts

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

If your loved one needs to replace a suspension part (e.g., control arm, ball joint, shocks or struts, tie rod end, sway bar link, etc.), help them out and take care of it right away. Suspension parts are essential for minimizing tire wear and maintaining vehicle control in dangerous conditions.

11. Off-Road Must-Haves

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Is your loved one an off-roader? Consider getting them a bull bar, grille guard, or off-road bumper to help protect their truck and make it look the part.

12. Nerf Bars/Running Boards

, 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Whether they’re riding the trails or reporting for carpool duty, a set of rugged nerf bars or sleek running boards can help prevent slippage and lend a nice finishing touch to the look of your loved one’s rig. If you’re unsure about which one to pick, read our comparison guide to learn more about the difference between nerf bars and running boards.

Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

Any information provided on this Website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation with a professional mechanic. The accuracy and timeliness of the information may change from the time of publication.

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