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  • Dually trucks are larger and heavier compared to your average vehicle. They’re usually used in construction work to carry heavy-load equipment from point A to point B.
  • Dually trucks are stable even when carrying heavy loads. They also have a high maximum payload capacity.
  • Some of the disadvantages of using a dually truck include poor fuel economy and difficult maintenance. They’re also expensive.

Dually trucks are unique in that they’re larger, heavier, and have more wheels than your average vehicle. They have an additional pair of rear wheels, giving them a total of six wheels. When used effectively, these can maximize their towing ability and maximum load capacity. Their increased stability and added traction allow them to support tremendous amounts of weight without collapsing.

These trucks are invaluable in construction work since they’re capable of carrying heavy-duty equipment from point A to point B. They’re also good at towing things on the heavier side, such as giant containers and trailers.

Dually Truck Advantages

Having an extra pair of wheels in the rear comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of the biggest advantages of driving a dually truck.

Exceptional Towing Capability

Dually trucks are known for their power and their high maximum towing capacity. These vehicles aren’t designed for everyday use. Instead, they excel at carrying heavy cargo and pulling trailers and loaded towing platforms.

Good Stability and Safe to Drive

One of the biggest strengths of dually trucks is how they’re incredibly stable—even when driving with heavy cargo or when towing trailers.

Having more wheels on the ground means more traction. This, combined with the heavy weight of the vehicle, makes it effective at moving in rough or slippery terrain. This type of truck is also less likely to skid out of control when the road is wet from the rain or slippery from the snow. It’s also better for off-road driving or situations where the road becomes muddy or excessively bumpy.

High Maximum Payload Capacity

Last but not least, the extra pair of rear wheels on a dually truck helps distribute the weight better, reducing the overall strain on the rest of the wheels. Because of this, the overall amount of cargo the truck can carry increases. This means it’s a great choice for drivers looking for a vehicle strong enough to support a cab full of passengers while carrying heavy cargo.

Dually Truck Disadvantages

Despite the many advantages that come with using dually trucks, they come with a lot of significant drawbacks as well. Here are some of the most glaring weaknesses of dually trucks.

Poor Fuel Economy

One of the biggest downsides to driving a dually truck is the fact that powering a large and heavy vehicle means more gallons of fuel are consumed per mile traveled. Dually trucks are only slightly heavier than their four-wheeled counterparts, however, these trucks were also designed to support tremendous amounts of weight. With this in mind, dually truck drivers can expect to spend a lot more time at the gas station refilling the tank.

Expensive to Purchase and Maintain

One of the biggest downsides to getting a dually truck is the fact that you’re paying extra for another set of rear wheels. For example, dually trucks can cost up to $2000 more than a single rear wheel variant of the same model. This doesn’t even factor in the extra cash you’ll need to spend on repairing and maintaining those wheels and the axles they’re attached to.

Even if dually trucks offer a lot of benefits such as improving your vehicle’s performance, payload capacity, and towing ability, you need to be ready to spend significantly more money on them.

Inconvenience and Poor Quality of Life

One of the biggest problems that comes with driving a dually truck is how unwieldy they are. These vehicles may be more difficult to drive and handle because they are wider and heavier than standard trucks.

Their massive rear wheels can also make parking more difficult. Because of the sheer size of your vehicle, you may have a harder time maneuvering it through narrow lanes and squeezing into tight parking spaces.

They can also be uncomfortable to drive on bumpy roads, especially when they aren’t carrying cargo or towing heavy loads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Called a Dually Truck?

ford f450 dually truck
Dually trucks are unique in that they’re larger, heavier, and have more wheels than your average vehicle.

Dually trucks, also known as dual rear-wheel trucks, get their name from the fact that they have dual rear wheels that make them significantly more effective at heavy-duty work like construction, towing, and transporting heavy cargo.

Are Dually Trucks Good for Off-Road Driving?

There are pros and cons to driving dually trucks off-road. Thanks to their heavy weight being distributed across six different wheels, dually trucks have increased traction and stability. This makes them less likely to slip on inclines or rocky terrain. However, they can be bulky and difficult to maneuver on narrow roads. Their rear wheels may also get stuck in sand or mud.

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