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The ambient temperature sensor is a tool that measures the temperature outside the passenger compartment. It feeds this info to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to help it control the vehicle’s interior temperature.

The ambient temperature sensor is typically mounted inside or near the vehicle’s front bumper.

The exact location of the ambient temperature sensor often depends on the vehicle’s make and model. For instance, if you own a 2007 Mercedes C230, you’ll find the ambient temperature sensor behind the front bumper on the vehicle’s passenger side. On the other hand, if you have a 2007-2012 model of the Nissan Altima, the ambient temperature sensor is located behind the bumper on the driver side.

Tips on How to Access the Ambient Temperature Sensor

To access the ambient temperature sensor easily, you’ll likely need to remove the vehicle’s front bumper. This can be as simple as unscrewing a few bolts and getting the bumper cover off or as difficult as needing to prop the vehicle up on jack stands before getting the bumper cover off. The sensor will be tucked away with a wire connecting it to the rest of the HVAC system. It’s best to consult your vehicle’s repair manual to find out exactly how you’re supposed to remove the front bumper.

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