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Solutions to Everyone's Problems with the Dodge Intrepid Washer Pump

You're the only one on a rural road and notice that the beautiful palm trees covering the sidewalks are brightened gently by the sun's rays; it was a beautiful view for a pleasant ride. You think that the view would be better if you get a clearer view so you decide to clean your windshield. You turn on the washer but no water comes out so you keep flicking the switch. Just like that, the once pleasant ride goes down the drain. A lot of car owners experience problems with the washer pumps so you are not alone. To help you with these problems and allow you to enjoy that ride, we listed the answers to two of the common problems experienced with the Dodge Intrepid washer pump.

Fuses keep blowing out

You should first know that washer pumps rarely cause problems; if they do, the problem is likely caused by faulty wiring.

If by any chance you find yourself with a blown fuse, replacing it is the only way to go. The fuses can go bad after too much use or shorts that happened in your car's electrical wirings that affected the pump assembly. However, if you find yourself constantly replacing the fuses, then it's time for a more thorough look. It is important to know that most washer pumps need a 10-ampere fuse, but you can still check the product's specs to be sure. A constant problem with the fuses may mean that you used a 15-ampere fuse on the assembly, or any other voltage fuse that is incompatible with the assembly. Using a different fuse would cause the circuit to overheat and short, as well as damage the pump.

Water won't come out

Before concluding that this is a problem with the pump, we advise you to interchange the front and rear washer pumps to verify. If the other pump works, then the problem is likely the electrical connections or the hose. In most cases, however, the lack of squirting water or a weak spray is caused by a clogged hose. A simple cleaning of the hose would solve this case.

What to Do to Keep the Dodge Intrepid Washer Pump in Shape

Every time you are stuck in traffic and are tired after a day's work or simply bored, flicking the windshield washer on appears to be very tempting. And you do turn the washer on and watch the water slide down and get wiped. We get this, we really do; it's just magically stress-relieving. But every time you do this, we hope you are aware that the pump needs to be maintained as well; it cannot forever serve to your pleasure. So to help you keep the water pumping, we listed simple tips you can follow to maintain your Dodge Intrepid washer pump.

Unclog the hoses regularly

There are times when you may notice that the squirt is weaker or that no water comes out at all-though the latter case is hard to miss. For most cases, these problems are caused by a clogged hose. A blocked hose forces the pump to work more just to get a few ounces of water out. We recommend that you flush the hose at least once a year, preferably every after winter. The cold weather may freeze the liquids, blocking the hose. You can do the flushing yourself by buying solvents sold in the market, but you can entrust this task to your mechanic.

Use winter washer fluids

Given that we already highlighted the risk of cold weather to the cleaning fluid, we recommend that you use the special washer fluids during the cold season. These fluids are, chemical-mentioning aside, scientifically enhanced to resist freezing despite the low temperature. Since these fluids are a bit more expensive, we advise you to just use them when snow starts to fall.

Check the electrical connections

Prolonged use, also known as old age, can cause the electrical connections of the pump assembly to go bad. Even with proper maintenance, this is something unavoidable. Thus we advise you to take a look at the fuses when you notice a weaker squirt from the pump or a slight lag in the pump's operation. In this case, it's better to solve the problem as soon as possible to avoid a bigger damage to the pump or a short to the entire circuit.

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