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  • The pitman arm transfers the driver’s steering wheel input to the steering linkage, turning the wheels in the process.
  • Loose or unresponsive steering, vehicle wandering, and clunking or popping noises when turning are telltale signs of a failing pitman arm.
  • It’s never a good idea to drive with a bad pitman arm. Doing so can result in a loss of steering ability.

All vehicles have a complex steering system consisting of multiple components working together to turn the front wheels. Some applications include a pitman arm, which connects the steering gear to the steering linkage.

Like almost any automotive component, the pitman arm can eventually wear out or become damaged. When that happens, you’ll likely notice one or more undesirable symptoms that you’ll want to address right away.

What Does a Pitman Arm Do?

Some vehicles have a conventional steering gear (instead of a rack and pinion assembly). Applications with a conventional design have a pitman arm that connects the steering gear to the rest of the steering linkage. Typically, such an arrangement is found on trucks and older, rear-wheel drive cars.

car steering system
The pitman arm, which is connected to the output shaft of the steering gear, transfers the driver’s input to the steering linkage.

When the driver turns the steering wheel, rotational motion is transferred through the steering column to the steering gear. The pitman arm, which is connected to the output shaft of the steering gear, then transfers the driver’s input to the steering linkage. From there, the steering linkage connects to the steering knuckles to turn the wheels back and forth.

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Some pitman arms do not have any moving parts and are considered non-wear items. Others include a moveable ball joint that connects to the steering linkage.

Symptoms of a Bad Pitman Arm

Do you think you might be dealing with a bad pitman arm? If you notice one or more of the following symptoms, you might be right.

Note: Many other problems can mimic a bad pitman arm. You (or your mechanic) should conduct a thorough diagnosis before performing any repairs.

Loose or Unresponsive Steering

The most common sign of a bad pitman arm is loose or unresponsive steering. When the pitman arm’s tapered hole is damaged, or its ball joint is worn, there will be enough play to make the steering feel vague when you turn the wheel.

Vehicle Wanders While Driving

Another symptom of a bad pitman arm is a vehicle that wanders while driving. You may notice that you have to correct the steering more frequently than before. The vehicle may also dart to one side or the other while driving over bumps.

driver holding steering wheel
Loose or unresponsive steering is the most common sign of a bad pitman arm.

Clunking or Popping Noise While Turning

Although somewhat rare, a faulty pitman arm can make a clunking or popping noise when you turn the steering wheel.


How do I test my pitman arm?

A dry park test is the easiest way to check a pitman arm. Simply have an assistant turn the steering wheel back and forth slightly with the vehicle on the ground. While the wheel is being turned, watch the pitman arm and note any play.

Can you drive with a bad pitman arm?

You should not continue to drive with a bad pitman arm. If the pitman arm fails, you could experience a complete loss of steering ability. A faulty pitman arm should be replaced right away.

What is the difference between a pitman arm and an idler arm?

The pitman arm connects the steering gear to the steering linkage, whereas an idler arm connects the steering linkage to the frame. Depending on the system design, there might be one or two idler arms on the vehicle. Each idler arm is designed to hold one end of the steering linkage level with the other end.

Getting Your Hands on a Replacement Pitman Arm

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