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CharlesOfria has been active in the automotive industry for over40 years. During the 70’s he was owner-operator of OfriaAutomotive, a thriving auto repair shop in Brooklyn, NY. Duringthat time he became involved with auto mechanic training when heset up courses to help prepare mechanics to take the then new  A.S.E. (Automotive Service Excellence) mechanic certification exams.

He alsoco-founded the Educational Institute at G.A.S.D.A. Ltd.(Gasolineand Automotive Service Dealers Association) which providedclasses for it’s members on topics such as electronicignitions, diagnostic oscilloscope patterns, emission controls and wheel alignment.

During the late 70’s and the80’s, he owned and operated Technicare Automotive EquipmentCo. selling hi-tech diagnostic and wheel alignment equipment.Technicare also housed a school for automotive techniciantraining where Mr. Ofria, along with other instructors, presentedseminars in areas of interest to technicians. Thousands oftechnicians from all over the New York metropolitan area attendedthese courses.

When the personal computerappeared, Mr. Ofria saw an opportunity to bring thecomputer’s unique power and capability to the automotiverepair shop. In 1983 he founded SmartTrac Computer Systems, order to bring one of the first, fully integrated shop managementprograms called "The Shop Manager" to life. He alsodeveloped ground-breaking software for Home Automation and tradeassociation management.  In the '90's, he gave computer seminars that helped bring people into the computer age andintroduced them to the Internet. His popular seminar seriesentitled Computers for Dinosaurstm wasdirected to people who know little or nothing aboutcomputers and were even intimidated by them.

SmartTrac currently sellsmanagement systems for repair shops and also administers a number ofpopular web sites. One site, The, isdirected to the general public and helps people solve theirautomotive problems.Through SmartTrac, Charles Ofria also creates and hosts web sites forcompanies and industry groups in the alternative health field as well as the auto repairindustry.

Mr. Ofria is currently veryactive as an automotive journalist where he brings his diverse knowledge of theautomotive industry to bear in articles and new car road test reviews that he writes for The website.  Mr. Ofria is also an accomplished photographer and is responsible for most of the photos that you see on The


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